In the 2005-2016 period, domestic and foreign investments are amounted to more then 500 million EUR. Over 200 companies in the municipality are companies with foreign investments (with investors from 28 countries, accounting for 30% of total number of countries investing in Bosnia and Herzegovina). The leading countries, investors in the municipality are: Austria, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Serbia, Switzerland and Croatia.

They already invested in Laktaši:

„Jaksche Technology has a very positive experience with investing in Laktaši Municipality. Our first impression that the company will operate in the stable and predictable environment was key for our decision to select location for investing, which was proven justified.”

Miroslav Stolić, Manager, ‘Jaksche Technology’ Ltd.

„Laktaši Municipality is a favourable site to start and grow businesses, thus we are planning to make new investments in this municipality.“

Anđelko Gunjić, Manager, ‘Mahle Letrika’ Laktaši Ltd.