In the scope of the BFC SEE certification program in the Republika Srpska, a meeting of the representatives of the Chamber of Commerce of the Republika Srpska and the BFC evaluation team was held in the City Administration of Laktaši with Mayor Miroslav Bojić and the BFC team of the City of Laktaši. The city of Laktaši is starting a new cycle of certification according to the new IV edition of the BFC SEE standard, and for years it has been successfully maintaining the status of a city with a favourable business environment, ensuring greater competitiveness in attracting investments.

The preliminary visit is primarily aimed at introducing the team for the evaluation and assessment of the City of Laktaši in this process, determining the way of work and communication, in all phases of the certification process, and the way of collecting, appointing and submitting documentation to the BFC SEE e-platform. Also, the evaluation team gave basic recommendations for the successful implementation of the certification process.

The BFC SEE certification program is a unique initiative in the region of Southeast Europe, which affects the creation of a faster and more efficient administration, which should remove obstacles to accelerated economic development, enable better investment results, create new jobs and general modernization of society. Since 2012, more than 100 local self-governments from the region of Southeast Europe have participated in the BFC SEE program, and 64 of them met the conditions to be included in the group of cities and municipalities with the highest investment potential as holders of the BFC SEE certificate.

From the Republic of Srpska, 16 local self-government units have the BFC SEE certificate, and the RS Chamber of Commerce is the Technical Secretariat responsible for implementing the certification process and coordinating the main actors in that process.