Agricultural land in the municipality covers over 25 thousand hectares. Out of that, around 88 percent are tilled areas, while the rest are orchards and meadows. The areas under vineyards are negligible with around 100.000 vines of grape vine.

When, in addition to the above, one bears in mind the favorable climate, tradition, and the fact that two thirds of the households in the municipality are agricultural ones, the development of agriculture is one of the most important priorities even for the future.

Farm and vegetable crops are predominantly grown. Corn is the main crop, then wheat and barley, oats, soya, and fodder crops to a lesser extent. Out of vegetables, mostly potatoes, onions, cabbage, tomatoes, peppers and watermelons аrе grown. Out of fruits, plums, then sweet cherries, and apples are the most widespread ones. The area under orchards is constantly increasing, and more attention is paid to the raising of vineyards. Significant potentials for animal production have not as yet been sufficiently exhausted. Rural households are predominantly engaged in pig husbandry and production of milk for the market.

In the recent past, Laktaši Municipality attained a high level of primary agricultural output, with agriculture accounting for 10% of the total municipal revenues.

Through the concept of comprehensive development of Laktaši Municipality, in the future we strive to create conditions for new investment in food industry. The goal is to buy crops produced by farmers and process them into added-value products. It would enable attaining a higher degree of finalization and securing market for farmers’ products.