Agro-business park “Aleksandrovac”

An area of 841,837 m 2 of which 672,481 m 2 or 80% represents plots for investors in agriculture, small and medium enterprises, greenhouses and similar agricultural production, sustainable energy and central facilities.

There are 111 plots within the zone that vary in sizes from 4,880 m 2 to 8,500 m 2 , but it is also possible to divide them into smaller or combine them into larger plots. Plots for central facilities and energy facilities are larger, from 11,285 m 2 to 20,610 m 2.

Documentation: Feasibility study – Investment in the Agricultural business park “Aleksandrovac” Laktaši is acceptable and justified. The justification of the investment is confirmed by economic indicators that indicate that the performance of the investment would have a positive impact on the wider socio-economic environment, and that the social and economic benefits are greater than the costs of the project.