The original purpose оф Business Zone “Aleksandrovac“ is manufacturing business, it is also open for other business, trade and service activities. At present, the total surface area available for investors is 28.9 hectares, several land plots ranging from 5,000 – 12,000 m2 in size are immediately available.

Location of the business zone is 7 km from the municipality’s administrative seat. It is located on the M-16 arterial road Banja Luka – Gradiška, with direct entry on the Banja Luka – Gradiška highway and in the immediate vicinity of the Banja Luka International Airport. Distances form mayor regional cities are: 210 km to Sarajevo, 25 km to Banja Luka, 25 km to the EU border (Gradiška), 300 km to Ljubljana (Slovenia), 306 km to Belgrade.

Available infrastructure:

• Asphalt road through the middle of the industrial zone, equipped with road lighting, connects the zone with the M-16 arterial road,
• Water supply network,
• Telecommunications network,
• Organized waste disposal,
• Connection to electric power grid.

Ownership: The land in the zone is owned by Laktaši Municipality.
Land price: 6,00 KM/m²


Existing investors:
• „Mljekara AD“ Banja Luka,
• „JAKSCHE Plasticna tehnika“ ltd Laktaši,
• „Dukat“ ltd Banja Luka.
• „Cablex BH“ ltd Aleksandrovac

Documentation: The regulatory plan adopted. The Feasibility Study