Greeting word:

It is an honor to welcome you to the official website of Laktaši Municipality.

The municipality of Laktaši is recognized as a place that favors private initiative and all types of small and medium-sized enterprises, and our aim is to improve the local business environment through constant and effective dialogue with the private sector.

In the coming period, our priority will be to raise the level of efficiency of municipal administration and public enterprises, which will encourage and support the development of the modern economy and create an attractive business climate, both for the development of small and medium-sized entrepreneurship and for the implementation of large investment ventures.

In spite of limited budgetary resources, we strive to solve priority infrastructure problems and, with the help of various projects, create an administration that is tailored to the citizens and economy of our municipality.

Laktaši Municipality is a partner municipality to most international organizations operating in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and we are involved in a number of projects implemented by these organizations.

Our goal is through good cooperation with our diaspora, as a significant development resource, to continue to affirm and foster business cooperation between our and the diaspora business community.

The municipality of Laktaši is a municipality that monitors the problems and needs of young people, which is why we are happy to support and implement employment-related projects through programs to support entrepreneurship and the development of young people’s business ideas with an emphasis on information technology, healthy food production and tourism.

In the past, we had the most liberal decision to grant scholarships to students in Republika Srpska. And following the trends in the labor market, we have introduced a new scholarship model, according to which the emphasis is placed on the staff needed for the development of our municipality’s economy, that is, for scarce occupations. We intend to try, through certain projects and activities, to try, at least in part, to improve the situation in terms of labor supply in line with the needs of the labor market.

As a prerequisite for the social and economic growth of a community, the achieved quality of life in one area and the offer of various social events, in the coming period, we will also strengthen support for sports, promoting culture and cultural events and preserving cultural and historical heritage.

Dear visitors, dear fellow citizens, I would like to remind you once again that we are open to all your useful suggestions and suggestions to make life in our Laktaši better and more meaningful.