Greeting word:


Dear visitors and fellow citizens!

It is my honour to welcome and invite you to the City of Laktaši.

The City of Laktaši is recognisable as a place that favours private initiative and all types of small and medium-sized enterprises, and our aim is to further improve the local business environment through constant and effective dialogue with the private sector.

The City of Laktaši is a partner city to a great number of international organisations and companies which operate on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. We are also engaged in a number of projects implemented by these organisations.

The doors of the City Administration and mine, as a Mayor, are always open for our citizens. We want to show our businessmen that we are open and willing to be partners on the road to city development and increasing the competitiveness of our companies.

The work of the City Administration is based on constant cooperation and communication with citizens and businessmen, in order to adapt all our activities to the real needs and conditions of the terrain.

Aware of the fact that the qualified workforce is the key to the business development of many companies, and following the trends in the job market, we introduced a new scholarship model according to which the emphasis is placed on the personnel needed for the economic development of our city, that is, on deficient occupations. Our intention is to try to improve through certain projects and activities, at least partially, the current state related to the labour supply in accordance with the needs of the job market.

By obtaining a regional certificate, the City of Laktaši is, according to the BFC SEE standard, classified as one of the cities with a favourable business environment in Southeastern Europe, which proves the quality of services the City provides to investors and businessmen.

Our priority continues to be raising the level of efficiency of the City Administration and public companies, improving the business environment, enhancing the development of the local economy, as well as the realization of large investment projects.

Together, we create the Administration according to the needs of our citizens and the economy of the city.