The Economic and Employment Council is a mixed body composed of representatives of the public sector (municipal administration and other competent institutions at the local level), the private sector (owners of local SMEs and representatives of investors) and civil society organizations.

The Economic and Employment Council holds regular meetings at least once every three months and addresses all issues of importance for economic development and improving the competitiveness of the municipality.


The tip has the following functions:

– monitors all issues of interest to the economy and local economic development and proposes to the local self-government activities and improvement of procedures;
– Monitor and evaluate the implementation of projects and the Local Economic Development Strategy;
– Review the Development Strategy and implementation plans;
– Provides advisory support to the mayor / mayor when deciding on economic development and development programs;
– Supports the Department of Local Development and Human Resources.

In short, the Council has the function of the basic and most specific channel of communication between the business community and the municipal administration and the mayor, and a functioning Council for Economy and Employment is of great importance for improving the competitiveness of the local community, creating a favorable environment for economic development and attracting investments, as well as reducing unemployment.


Јелена Мајкић, Head of the Department of Local Development and Human Resources

Secretary of the Economic and Employment Council
Phone: +387 51 334-213 , Fax: +387 51 334-258