Bosnia and Herzegovina has signed the CEFTA agreement with the following countries:

– Serbia
– Montenegro,
– Macedonia,
– Moldova,
– Albania and
– UNMIK/Kosovo.

The CEFTA agreement replaces and supplements the existing agreements on free trade with certain countries in the region. This enables more transparency and game rules comparable to EU standards, as well as access to market of around 25 million people. Also, Bosnia and Herzegovina has signed a Free Trade Agreement with Turkey which provides additional free access to this consumer market with 70 million people.

The Stabilizations and Association Agreement (SAA)
between the European Union (EU) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) came into force on 01.06. 2015, which established a strong and close partnership between the EU and BiH, and deepened mutual political, economic and trade ties. The SAA is now our main framework for relations with the EU, which will also contribute to the progressive harmonization of BiH legislation with the EU

The Free Trade Agreement between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the EFTA countries (Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) has been signed on 24.06.2013. in Norway and entered into force in January 2015.