Economic and Employment Council Initiatives for Laktaši Municipality:


– Develop the Employment Action Plan 2016-2018. years
– Schedule a Council meeting to discuss the 2016 draft budget
– To submit before the Council for Economy and Employment an initiative to the RS Employment Service and the Ministry of Labor and Veterans-Disability Protection to make the public call available until the indicative allocation of funds.
– To be included in the Capital Investments and Investment Plan in the Laktaši Municipality for
the period 2015 – 2020 includes the construction of a high school center in Laktaši
– To increase the inspection of unregistered entrepreneurs kept at the Employment Bureau, which also creates the wrong picture of the number of unemployed persons
– To consider reducing the price of a building permit and to make a comparative analysis with respect to neighboring municipalities
– Adopt an Urban Plan and find a solution to the problem of insufficient parking space in the center of Laktaši
– To provide support and encouragement of economic development in the coming period despite the reduced budget
– To reduce the rent in the area of ​​Laktaši municipality.