Metal manufacturing sector occupies an important place in the industry in Laktasi Municipality. It is at the top of the list with number of employees and among the leading industrial branches with the realized profit. The main characteristics are production per specification and customer order and high quality of the delivered products.

The most important companies in the sector are:

• ‘Kolektor CCL’ ltd – production of collectors for the automotive industry,

• ‘Mahle Letrika’ ltd – production of metal and electrical parts and subassemblies for starters, alternators and electric motors,

• ‘Hidraulika flex’ ltd – machining of metals for the automotive industry and production of hydraulic components,
• ‘Kisprodukt’ ltd – manufacture of medical, geriatric, school, office and catering furniture of metal,

• ‘Kaldera company’ ltd – production of low-voltage and medium-voltage plant,

• ‘Vendom’ ltd – production of container and metal structures, services of cutting on laser and creation of programs and drawings for cutting, services of bending, punching and welding, all kinds of hot and cold rolled sheet,

• ‘Tecnics programme engineering’ – TPE, ltd – machining by milling and grinding, production of highly complex positions,

• ‘Procesna oprema inženjering‘ ltd – production of stainless steel boiler for household and water pump container,

• ‘Tehnoservis’ ltd – Machining by milling and grinding, production of highly complex positions.