Water Management Public Utility Company Budućnost
Address: Karađorđeva 63, 78250 Laktaši
Telephone: +387 (51) 532-072
+387 (51) 530-645
E-mail: buducnostadl@teol.net

Utility Work Organization Budućnost Laktaši was founded in 1979, by a decision of the MA Laktaši. It had that name until 1996, when it changed its name to Basic State-Owned Public Utility Company Budućnost Laktaši, with the headquarters in Laktaši.

Today, the company does business under the name Utility Company Budućnost, Joint-Stock Company Laktaši. The property rights in the shares of the Company were transferred from Republika Srpska to the municipality of Laktaši (Municipality of Laktaši – 65%, Restitution Fund – 5%, Pensions Reserve Fund – 10% and Voucher offer – 20%)

Basic activity of the Company:

-Collection, purification and distribution of water
-Collection and processing of waste water
-Construction of civil engineering facilities

Other activities that the Company may deal with are the following:

-Production and supplying steam and hot water
-Wholesale of construction machinery
-Wholesale of metalware, pipes, devices and equipment for water management and heating
-Wholesale of tools, such as hand tools etc.
-Foreign trade, import and export within the scope of the registered field of activity

The working process is carried out within the organizational units, which presently have 62 employees.

Public Utility Company Komunalac
Address: Mire Cikote 4, 78250 Laktaši
Telephone/Fax:+387 (51) 530-195
E-mail: komunala@teol.net

Utility Company Komunalac Joint-Stock Company Laktaši was founded as a public company of local importance, with the majority stake owned by the municipality of Laktaši (65%). The headquarters of the company are in Laktaši. The company does business in line with the Law on Companies and the Law on Public Companies of Republika Srpska.

The field of activity of the Company is defined by the Statute of Utility Company Komunalac Joint Stock Company Laktaši, and it includes the following:

-collection and transport of municipal waste disposed of by households and business entities
-maintaining public hygiene throughout the year
-mowing maintained and undeveloped green spaces
-funeral services
-leasing market stands
-parking fee collection (the parking next to the Police Station)
-winter street maintenance
-road maintenance


The sources of funding of the Company are the following:

-Funds from the Budget of the municipality of Laktaši within the activities concerning collective consumption expenditure,
-and the Company’s own revenues (waste transport services, collection of fees at the town market, funeral services, parking fee collection, other services provided to business entities and natural persons within the registered scope of activity).

The working process is carried out within the organizational units, which presently have more than 60 employees