Laktasi and Slatina spas with thermo – mineral water have a few decades long tourist tradition of treatment of rheumatism, heart diseases, diseases of eyes, bloodstream, etc. Hotels in their surroundings with swimming pools, medicinal baths and all necessary facilities for healing, provide full services of health – recreational tourism.

Of the many archaeological sites, which the turbulent history of the municipality left in cultural and historical heritage, it is worth to look at the remains of cemeteries tombstones at the site “Osoje”, “Old church lodge” from 18th century next to Slatina and the remains of Roman baths at the “Walls” in Laktasi.

In the municipality, there are numerous places for relaxation, walking and other forms of recreation. Here you can swim, ride, fish, walk, ride a bike, fly, or even jump from a plane-with parachute of course.