Industrial zone in Veliko Blaško (wood, concrete and textile industries) is located 5 km from the municipality’s administrative seat, on the M-16-1 arterial road Klašnice – Derventa, and alongside the M-16 arterial road Banja Luka – Gradiška, with a direct entry on the Banja Luka – Gradiška highway. Distances from Banja Luka is 20 km, to Sarajevo 210 km, to the EU border (Gradiška) 30 km, to Belgrade (Serbia) 312 km. The zone hosts 15 manufacturing companies operating in the wood-processing, concrete and textile industries.

Available infrastructure in the zone:

• Water supply network,
• Telecommunications network,
• Connection to electric power grid,
• Organized waste disposal.

Ownership: The land in the zone is privately owned. The municipality can assist investors to contact the private owner.

Land price: 20,00 КМ/m²

Documentation: The regulatory plan adopted