The tradition in wood processing industry with significant forest resources and skilled labor force make significant investment opportunity in the municipality. In terms of vegetation, there are two clearly defined forest vegetation zones of lowland forests (forests of oak, ash, willow, poplar, alder) and mountain forests (beech, sessile oak). The average stock in the forests in Laktaši Municipality is 144 m³ which is significantly less than the average stock in the Republic of Srpska.

Part of state forests is managed by Public Enterprise “Forests of Republic of Srpska” Sokolac, through the Forest Management “Banja Luka”. In relation to the structure, state forests with a high forest natural regeneration accounts for 65%, forest culture for 11%, coppice forests for 20% and areas accessible for reforestation for 4%.

In the Laktaši municipality, there are remarkable nursery garden facilities:
– seedlings for reforestation in the nursery garden “Industrijska plantaža” in Mahovljani,
– horticultural plants in nursery garden “Iris” in Boskovici and “Tamaris” in Mrčevci.

The most important companies in the sector are:

• „SG –gradnja“ ltd – production of sawn wood, impregnating wood and pellet production

• „DI Karać“ ltd – production of sawn wood, impregnating wood and pellet production

• „Produktcoop“ ltd – architectural activities

• „Ultraprojekt“ ltd – architectural activities

• „Partner-LD“ ltd – furniture manufacturing

• „Drvna industrija Vukelić“ ltd – wood processing

• „Quattro company“ ltd – wood processing

• „GMP kompani“ ltd – furniture manufacturing